Perspectives on a Grafted Tree

By edited by Patricia Irwin Johnston
Illustrated by Diana L. Stanley
ISBN: 0-9609504-0-0
LCCN: 82-2424
Hardcover, 144 pages
Price: $14.95

Perspectives on a Grafted Tree: Thoughts for Those Touched by Adoption

An illustrated collection of poems written by adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents and others about the blend of gain and loss, happiness and pain which are a part of the adoption experience, this book has become a classic gift for anyone touched by adoption. It was the first book published by Perspectives Press, Inc., in 1983.

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Poems and Authors Included in Perspectives on a Grafted Tree

On Children by Kahlil Gibran

  • Beginnings and Endings Little Spirit to Childless Couple by Carol Lynn Pearson
  • Mother’s Day by Margaret Munck
  • Trying to Conceive #2 by Marion Cohen
  • The Intake Interview by Marilee Richards
  • Waiting for The Call by Shelai Stewart Darst
  • Adoptive Father by Bill ThompsonTo David by Rosemarie Gross
  • Opting for Me by Opal Palmer
  • Confession by Mary Anne Cohen
  • The Grafting My Child Was Born Today by Angela McGuire
  • Pre-Adoption Picture by Isaac Mozeson
  • Oh Little One by Ellen Hyers
  • Prelude by Elayne D Mackie
  • On the Night of Andrew’s Birth by Margaret Munk
  • I Just Gave Birth to a Son by Judith Steinbergh
  • Picture 254 by Richard Stanin
  • Adopting for One’s Own by Barbar Fialkowski
  • The Beginning: For Kathie by Malcolm Glass
  • First Meeting by Miriam Proctor
  • Early Morning Ritual with a Newly Adopted Daughter by Nancy Cash
  • Daughter by Pam Conrad
  • Welcome Home by Michael F Anderson
  • Reactions Why This Child? by Lori Hess
  • Kinship by Margaret Munk
  • Some May Be Born by an unknown author
  • How Could They? by W Steven Hollingsworth
  • Not Really Yours by Vicki Andres
  • Our Gift by Norel C Waldhaus
  • Stevie Didn’t Hear by Grace Sandness
  • Kitchen by Pam Conrad
  • Adoption-For Sarah by Carol Burnes
  • The Adopted Ones by Janet McCann
  • The Easy Way by Patricia Irwin Johnston
  • Attachment Not Flesh of My Flesh by Fleur Conkling Heyliger
  • To an Adopted by Carol Lynn Pearson
  • Tighter in the Weave by Kirk Shuster
  • The Mother of Red Jacket by Philip St Clair
  • Adoption-To Alex, twenty-three month by Ann Chandonnet
  • My daughter’s Dowry by Arthur Dobrin
  • Gold Bangles: For My Indian Daughter by Erika Mumford
  • Reflection on Love by Dawn Newell
  • For Anthony: Christmas 1964 by Loal ZiererBeihl
  • Sonnet for Michelle by Barbara Nector Davis
  • To John-David by Rosemary Bleeke
  • Motherspeakings To the Birth Mother by Shirley G Cochrane
  • To Leah by Christina V Pacosz
  • For My Husband’s Mother by Ellen Bass
  • If Only You Could Know by Elayne D Mackie
  • A Birthday by Sue Westrum
  • A Birthday Ode to Wendy by Sandra Kay Musser
  • Is This the Day? by Dawn Newell
  • The Mother of My Child by Judith Steinbergh
  • Doin’ Time by Helen Garcia
  • Stifled Love by Your Birth Mother (intentionally anonymous)
  • Our Child by Chirs Probst
  • Agency Poem by Mary Anne Cohen
  • To Michael, Brian, Ricky and Susie by Kathy Garlitz
  • A Few Days by Elizabeth Omand
  • Identities The Beginning by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Legacy of an Adopted Child by an unknown author
  • First Grief by Margaret Munk
  • Acceptance by Judith Steinbergh
  • Foundling by Patricia Storace
  • Bloodlines by Walter McDonaldLost History by Dawn Newell
  • To Mama by Sue Walker
  • The Search: Identity, Out by Marianna F Gentile
  • The Search: Identity, In by Marianna F Gentile
  • Mary Cassatt’s Mothers and Children by Leslie Brooke
  • My Brown Daughter by Grace Sandness
  • Sea Poem by Mary Anne Cohen
  • Mother May I by Marcia Massco
  • Reflections My Naomi by Elizabeth Morgan
  • from that point on… by Didi S Dubelyew
  • My Daughter’s Mothers by Dawn Newell
  • Who Loves Me? by Deloris Selinsky
  • The Cradle Is Too Small for ME by Dainne Drilock
  • I am a Ghost Written Book by Elizabeth Morgan
  • The Chosen One by Virginia Cain
  • Search for Yesterday by Didi S Dubelyew
  • Family Tree by Jane Merchant
  • Benediction Benediction by Rabindranath Tagore
  • The Heart of a Child by an unknown author