A Wistful Goodbye from Perspectives Press’ Founding Publisher

Thirty years is a long time for a “second career.”

I had been a tenured secondary school English teacher and librarian/media specialist working hard to become a mom before our first child arrived via adoption in 1975. It had been frustrating not to find books forty years ago to help us navigate the paths of, first, infertility and then, adoption. As a stay-at-home mom of two and (which later became quite suddenly three) I decided to do something about that, and Perspectives Press: The Infertility and Adoption Publisher was conceived in 1980.

Thirty-some years later it was time to retire in 2012. I feel good about what I’ve accomplished. I know that  as a volunteer and as an educator and as a publisher I made a difference in my chosen field and in many individual families’ lives. But it’s hard to let go. PPInc has been another of my children (ask the human ones) to nurture. It is the last to leave the nest.

As of January 1, 2012, the name Perspectives Press and some of its titles were transferred to adoptive parent Brian Boyd as an imprint of his Koryo Company of St Paul, MN. Another of its imprints with which you should already be familiar is Yeong and Yeong Book Company, publisher of books on Asian adoption. The Koryo PP imprint now includes all print and e-versions of:

Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families by Patricia Irwin Johnston

Perspectives on a Grafted Tree edited by Patricia Irwin Johnston

Borya and the Burps by Joan McNamara

Filling in the Blanks by Susan Gabel

Flight of the Stork by Anne Bernstein

Sam’s Sister by Juliet Bond (now out of print, but might be reissued by the author)

Sweet Grapes by Jean and Mike Carter (ebook through Amazon.com and Smashwords.com)

Choosing Assisted Reproduction by Susan Cooper and Ellen Glazer (ebook through Amazon.com and Smashwords.com)

At the same time, the following very popular titles originally published by Perspectives Press, Inc. found new homes in both print and ebook versions with Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London, Philadelphia, Sydney and Vancouver:

A Child’s Journey through Placement by Dr. Vera Fahlberg

Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray

Nurturing Adoptions by Deborah Gray

Toddler Adoption by Mary Hopkins-Best

Adoption Is a Family Affair by Patricia Irwin Johnston

The Mulberry Bird by Anne Brodzinsky

Inside Transracial Adoption by Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg

Having Your Baby through Egg Donation by Ellen Glazer and Evelina Weidma Sterling

Brothers and Sisters in Adoption by Arleta James

The first five were modestly edited and given new covers and new prices when they came out in the first quarter of 2012. The Mulberry Bird was reillustrated and released again in the summer of 2012. The last three will undergo significant updating and editing and in some instances paring, and will be available in new versions after 2012. Until they come out revised in 2013 and 2014, JKP will keep the PPInc versions of those last three available to you with new ISBN numbers and pricing.

The following are titles now out of print that have come through PPInc during my time at its helm:

The Miracle Seekers by Mary Martin Mason

Our Baby: A Birth and Adoption Story by Janice Koch

Real for Sure Sister by Ann Angel

Residential Treatment: A Tapestry of Many Therapies by Vera Fahlberg

William Is My Brother by Jane Schnitter

Let Me Explain: A Story of Donor Insemination by Jane Schnitter

Lucy’s Feet by Stephanie Stein

Two Birthdays for Beth by Gay Lynn Cronin

PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Samuel Thatcher

Understanding Infertility: Insights for Family and Friends by Patricia Irwin Johnston

All of these books have been gifts of love from Dave and me on behalf of our extended family, touched by adoption as birthparents, adoptive parents, adopted people,foster caregivers and stepfamilies over at least six generations.   With great appreciation for your support and for your friendship, I’m signing off as a writer and publisher. I’ll continue to speak occasionally when invited. You may contiue to reach me through Facebook.