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A Message from Pat Johnston, Perspective Press’ founding publisher:

I had been a tenured secondary school English teacher and librarian/media specialist working hard to become a mom before our first child arrived via adoption in 1975. It had been frustrating not to find books forty years ago to help us navigate the paths of, first, infertility and then, adoption. As a stay-at-home mom of two and (which later became quite suddenly three) I decided to do something about that, and Perspectives Press: The Infertility and Adoption Publisher was conceived in 1980.

Thirty-some years later it was time to retire in 2012. I feel good about what I’ve accomplished. I know that  as a volunteer and as an educator and as a publisher I made a difference in my chosen field and in many individual families’ lives. But it’s hard to let go. PPInc has been another of my children (ask the human ones) to nurture. It is the last to leave the nest.

As of January 1, 2012, the name Perspectives Press and some of its titles were transferred to adoptive parent Brian Boyd as an imprint of his Koryo Company of St Paul, MN. Another of its imprints with which you should already be familiar is Yeong and Yeong Book Company, publisher of books on Asian adoption.

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